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Restore VAT RES and ESC scheme in the UK and extend to EU residents

Learn more about the benefits of tax-free shopping and the potential new EU market worth £10bn

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AIR's submission to the OBR regarding tax-free shopping deadweight

27th February  2024

All these factors lead us to conclude that the cost of lost VAT is not £2.5bn, the Treasury’s current 2024 forecast, but £525m

You can read the full report here.


Research and Reports


AIR's 2023 Nov Evidence on the impact of ending tax-free shopping


Ending tax-free shopping results in £1.5bn lost in UK retail sales; a new tax-free shopping-led tourism EU market is also awaiting the UK

You can read the report here.


Oxford Economic Assessment of Tax-Free Shopping in the UK


The reintroduction of TFS would attract more than 1.6 million extra visitors to the UK and stimulate an extra £2.8 billion of tourist spending…

You can read the report here.

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End of tax-free tourist shopping cost UK business £1.5 bn

The Times, Nov 8th

British retailers lost £1.5 billion in sales last year after the introduction of the “tourist tax”, according to an analysis of spending by non-European Union visitors to Europe.

Amid growing industry pressure on the government to reinstate tax-free shopping for international visitors, a report found that French, Italian and Spanish businesses had benefited from a 98 per cent rise in sales from international shoppers compared with 2019.

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Tory chief Greg Hands ‘backs call to abandon tourist tax’ - marking latest Cabinet Minister to pile pressure on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to ditch the levy

Daily Mail, 12th November 2023

The tourist tax is also thought to have cost British retailers £1.5 billion in lost sales in 2022, according to figures compiled by the Association of International Retail (AIR).

AIR wants the Chancellor to commit to launching a review into the issue in the Autumn Statement as it fears the Treasury did not take into account the impact the tax has had on other parts of the tourism industry – such as restaurants and hotels.

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